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We are proud to announce our new  and enhanced Online HyBrED Program for the Sterile Processing Technician Course. It is a combination of online and real world classroom instruction by our certified instructors. This is a very popular option for most working individuals and healthcare workers seeking certification.  Enroll Now.

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Endoscopy/GI Scope Technician Certification
Program Description
Endoscopy/GI Scope Technician's responsibility includes cleaning, decontaminating, disinfecting and calibrating scopes or other endoscopic instruments according to manufacturer recommendations and facility standards. They also test sensitive instruments to make sure they are ready for the sterilization process. Their responsibilities  also include performing safety checks to verify proper equipment functioning through maintenance and repair.

Sample Course List
​Forward and History of Endoscopy
Rules, Regulations, and Safety
Anatomy & Physiology
Infection Control
Medical Terminology and Medical Procedures Involving Flexible Endoscopes 
Scope Cleaning Room and Cleaning Agents/Detergents
High-Level Disinfection Area and High-Level Disinfectants
Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes
Medical Terminology

Upon completion of this course, a certificate of completion will be provided by Martinson College to their students.  This program is designed to prepare candidates to sit for The Certification Board for Sterile Processing& Distribution’s (CBSPD) Flexible Endoscope Reprocessor certification examination.  

This course is designed for SPD technicians or employees who have extensive hands on experience in processing flexible endoscopes and would like to be certified.  If you do not have experience, you can still take this course but will need to volunteer in a hospital's GI/Endoscope processing department.  Call for more information. 

Picture of Endoscopy Technician
Salary and Info for Endoscopy Technician
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