Payment Options

At Martinson College, we strongly believe that education is an investment and that every dollar spent must provide value and significant return. One of our main goals is to make your higher education and career enhancement experience a successful investment in both time and money. We have several financial options to choose from that is geared towards your financial situation. We strive hard to make your dreams alive again by providing you a blueprint towards your career development and enhancement. Contact our Admission's Advisors or StudentPlus+ counselors today and find out how we can help you. There is definitely no obligations to call.

Martinson College Educational Funding Options:

- Flex Pay Option - We offer in-house financing. No credit check required.

- ​Union Funded Educational Program - Unions may have programs to assist member to pay part or all of your program tuition, if you qualify.

- Non-profit Organization Funding - Certain organizations may have programs or grants to pay part or all of your program tuition, if you qualify.

- Hospital/Company Educational Allowance - Your place of work may pay part or all of your tuition as part of your benefit and/or educational allowance.

- Other Financial Aid Programs

Please contact your union representative and find out how you may qualify for financial assistance for our Sterile Processing Technician program. Or you may contact us or call 1-888-625-0059.