Sterile Processing Technicians: What Do They Wear at Work?

Due to the pandemic, there is a growing need to properly sterilize medical equipment and facilities more than ever. This procedure gave rise to a medical career that only a few people back then are familiar with – sterile processing technician.

Just like surgeons, sterile processing technicians or sterilization technicians are healthcare professionals who are equally essential in medical and surgical procedures. They ensure the cleanliness, functionality, and overall safety of every equipment they sterilize.

Since Sterile Processing and Distribution (SPD) personnel are always exposed to infected items, a dress code is necessary to keep them from harm.

Why Is the Dress Code for SPD Personnel Necessary?


Dress code for SPD personnel helps prevent the spread of infection to patients, visitors, and other medical staff. But these policies vary depending on the tasks that need to be performed.

Dress code policies will also depend on the clinics or hospitals where the SPD personnel are employed. But for the sake of this article, we’ve listed some of the most common outfits of SPD personnel:

Scrub Suit

A scrub suit is a hygienic outfit worn by surgeons and other healthcare professionals while performing or assisting in a medical procedure. This outfit can be changed daily or as much as needed.

Scrub suits provide sterilization technicians protection from any fluids or blood during a medical or surgical procedure. This outfit is also designed for efficient movement as healthcare workers do many physical tasks.

Disposable Hair Caps

Sterilization technicians will also need disposable hair caps. This dress code must be worn at all times. Hair caps are important accessories because it improves cleanliness during an operation as it provides a more sanitized work environment and reduces cross-contamination from hair and other particles.

Medical Gloves

As a sterile processing technician, they must not forget medical gloves because this will help them ensure the cleanliness of the medical equipment and devices.

Additional Attires When Performing Tasks in a Decontamination Area

Face Shields

In medical or surgical facilities, face shields are usually observed as it protects the eyes, mouth, nasal passages from any splash of blood or fluids of the patients.

Impervious Gown

Impervious gown is an outfit that can resist penetrations from various types of fluid. Hence, this outfit protects the upper and lower body of the SPD personnel from any medical waste.

Reminders for New Sterile Processing Technicians:

  1. Scrub suits and any protective gear used in medical facilities must never be brought outside.

  2. Wearing any jewelry and other similar accessories is not allowed.

  3. Sterilization technicians should properly sanitize their body as well as their attire.

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